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Training Management

Talent Resource is the primary resource of enterprises. The competitions of enterprises in the last analysis are talents' competition. Employee training plays a very important role in promoting enterprise's manpower capital. How to promote employee's qualification and capacity so as to meet the needs of enterprise development and serve enterprise better through employee training, which includes analyzing employee's training needs, organizing and carrying out employee training, analyzing the training feedback, and evaluating training effectiveness has become essential content of enterprise training management.

Operational Flowchart
Operational Flowchart

Training Management module helps HR department establish training systems, define training modules, intelligently match trainee, carry out training plans and programs, trace training progress, and feedback training effectiveness to develop training management in a comprehensive way which reflects the enterprise macro and micro requirement of talents strategy according to the needs of enterprise development.

Main Features

Manage internal/external trainer and course, and inquire related teaching history.
Manage training organization, like the contact information, contract information, teaching qualification, etc., and inquire related teaching history.
Exported Excel template for employment department's reference to recommend training courses and trainees.
Automatically match trainee with their training need sources during training course implementation.

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