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Group Management

Managing human resources across different branches of a company is a key issue for top level management. The company needs to balance the diversity and complexity of human resources with the optimal allocation of staff to achieve its strategic goals. A centralized HRM system within the group can help the parent company to access real-time information from the subsidiaries and communicate the core values and vision of the company. This way, the company can implement effective corporate management of multiple branches.

Group Management module is a fully web-based system that can support your multi-branch company and remote access to the human resource information for field employees. You can access to, inquire and obtain the information you need at any time, at any place. The flexible configuration can support your branches at different locations to set and deploy proper management strategies and reporting processes according to local laws and regulations as well as culture and customs to help your enterprise enhance the overall operational efficiency to gain competitive edge.

Group Management module is a web-based system that enables your multi-branch company and remote employees to access and share human resource information easily and securely. You can retrieve, query and obtain the information you need anytime, anywhere. The flexible configuration allows your branches in different locations to customize and implement appropriate management policies and reporting procedures according to local laws, regulations, culture and practices. This can help your company improve its overall operational efficiency and gain a competitive advantage.

Main Features

Manage basic information at headquarter and department levels and customize fields to set parameters.
Apply payroll rules, and time and attendance rules to employees based on HRMS's central management.
Create different policies for compensation, benefits and attendance for different branches under the head quarter.
Comply with Hong Kong SAR business and statutory requirements such as MPF, Inland Revenue reporting and auto pay functions to many Hong Kong banks. Support operations in mainland China and Hong Kong with one system.

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