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The management of human resource experienced from manual file management, computer-aided file management to the database file management, among which the routine duties have been increasingly improved such as input, update and query of personnel information. With the rapid enlargement of enterprise scale, however, the workload of HR department doubles due to the complexity of human resource management. It's extremely urgent for HR operators to generate various reports based on scientific analysis of tremendous personnel information data.

 Analysis Report
Analysis Report

Business Reporting module allows users to automatically define various types of reports according to their needs; employees can inquire and create various statistical and analysis reports with their corresponding security levels. With Business Reporting module, users are able to deal with various information to support the company executives to make strategic development plan of human resource management.

Main Features

Generates a variety of reports based on employee current or historical data including monthly payroll reconciliation, monthly data changes, and headcount analysis, etc.
Table and Chart can be exported for further analysis.
Current Headcount Analysis Report
Generate On-Line Headcount Analysis report, based upon organization level, service years, salary, education, type, status and position, etc.
Analysis based upon multi-dimensions including organization level, type, service years and payroll item, etc.

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