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Integrated Solutions Limited (ISL) has been a developer of enterprise software applications since 1985.

With over 37 years of proven experience in information management, ISL is unique and outshines in Hong Kong and Greater China. Instead of doing custom-made work which only emphasize features fitting to one company's needs, ISL places tremendous weight on the improvement of its products and its services to the needs of Hong Kong and China, and has built up the reputation of quality workmanship. ISL is a practitioner of Total Quality Management (TQM) and is the winner of the 1994-95 HKMA Quality Award, which is modelled after the prestigious Malcolm Balridge award in the U.S. Recognitions from the I.T. industry included the Most Outstanding Customized Application Developer Microsoft in 1998 and Windows Server 2003 Challenge from Microsoft in 2004. In May 2004, ISL was the first HK software company certified for the Hong Kong Q-mark Service Scheme which is administered by the Hong Kong Q-Mark Council. Early in its history, ISL received the Certificate of Merit, Governor's Award for Industry 1992. ISL was one of the first "graduates in 1995 from the technology incubation program of the Hong Kong Industrial Technical Centre.

Expert in Mobility, ERP, CRM, MRP, HRM & Accounting Software
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