Other Solutions

Enterprise Content Management System (ECM)

ECM is a secured and highly scalable enterprise content management system that captures all your company's information and expertise in a single unified repository for easy management and sharing across the enterprise.

In the rapidly evolving business economy, speed, security and agility are new watchwords. No one can afford using old methods of document management; tons of paper work and numerous separated repositories with documents in different formats. ECM enables you to import all your incoming information into a single repository, no matter it is scanned documents, emails, or electronic files. At the same time, it is powered with a robust search technology and a web-based multi-tier architecture which is highly scalable and flexible for enterprise application integration. The unique Secured Document Layer safeguards all your corporate knowledge and unleashes the power of shared knowledge for more efficient decision-making.

Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports is an industry standard report writer. Most of the reports for e-M-POWER are based on Crystal Reports. Therefore, it must be installed if customization to the reports is deemed necessary. Crystal Reports Professional supports direct access of MS-SQL database, but not Dataflex format data.

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