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Enterprise Content Management System (ECM)


ECM is a secured and highly scalable enterprise content management system that captures all your company's information and expertise in a single unified repository for easy management and sharing across the enterprise.

In the rapidly evolving business economy, speed, security and agility are new watchwords. No one can afford using old methods of document management; tons of paper work and numerous separated repositories with documents in different formats. ECM enables you to import all your incoming information into a single repository, no matter it is scanned documents, emails, or electronic files. At the same time, it is powered with a robust search technology and a web-based multi-tier architecture which is highly scalable and flexible for enterprise application integration. The unique Secured Document Layer safeguards all your corporate knowledge and unleashes the power of shared knowledge for more efficient decision-making.


Company Benefits

Enhance Knowledge Sharing & Collaboration

By easily managing, accessing, creating and sharing information anytime, anywhere

More Timely & Relevant Information

By simplifying the archiving and searching process

Speed up Decision Cycles

By stripping away the noise and focusing on relevant information.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

By enabling employees to respond to customer enquiries more effectively

Increase Cost Effectiveness

By saving time from filing and searching process for value-added tasks

Increase Productivity & Profitability

By increasing collaboration and avoiding duplication of efforts

Key Features

Multi-lingual Support of OCR & Search

ECM supports OCR, indexing and searching for multiple languages including Simplified/Traditional Chinese, English and Portuguese. It can handle data in different code-sets such as BIG5, GB and Unicode.

Web Interface

Most of the tasks can be performed through the web interface, which is available in Simplified/Traditional Chinese and English.

Powerful Index and Search

Documents can be indexed and searched by index and content. User can design their own index field for different types of document such as customer proposals, meeting minutes, etc.


Data integrity can be guaranteed by means of the check-in/check-out procedures.

Version Control

Major and minor version numbers help to keep track of document history.

Access Control

Different kinds of access rights, such as read, create, update, delete, etc can be granted to different groups of users or individual user. LDAP and SSL are supported.

Audit Trail

User events such as login and document retrieval are recorded for future reference. Administrative operations will be recorded in the log as well.


Document Distribution Agent provides the function of document routing. Approval process ensures the validity of documents.

Powerful Search

Access Control



.NET Framework

BECM is established on top of .NET framework providing high capability to integrate with third-party systems and applications through the use of Web Services and XML.


ECM is designed with Multi-tier architecture with load balancing that gives customers high level of scalability and extensibility. Depending on the performance demand of customer, different components can reside on the same or different machines to satisfy different levels of loading.

Server Clustering

VariousECM Serves (usually situated in different geographical regions) containing different enterprise data can be joined semantically to provide a single view of all the enterprise data. Therefore, ECM users can have access to all their authorized documents or records regardless of their physical server locations.

Secured Document Packages

All documents in ECM are saved as Secured Document Package - a Compound, Compressed and Encrypted file format. It provides the following benefits:

Compound: Multiple file attachments of a document or record can be formed into a document package, which is a single physical file. By doing so, it provides convenient reference or access to all related materials of a document or record.

Compressed: Document package is compressed to reduce its file size for server storage and transmission.

Encrypted: Document package is encrypted such that authorized users can access it through ECM. The Secured Document Package can also combine the use of PKI for higher demand of security.

Unicode Kernel

ECM is entirely Unicode-based to provide multi-lingual viewing, indexing and searching capability.

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