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Issue 18

From Blue-Collar Software to Digital Transformation


Issue 17

From Internet to Internet of Things


Issue 16

The Inevitable Adevnt of E-payment


Issue 15

The Other Side of COVID-19 Pandemic: Opportunities for Innovation


Issue 14

Belt and Road Initiative: The Modern Silk Road of Innovation and Technology


Issue 13

What are the Current IT Trends?

2018 Issue 2

2018 Issue 2

The Support of I&T Development from Government: Are the Local Business Enterprises the biggest Winners?

2018 Isssue 1

2018 Issue 1

Will Electronic Payment play a Vitally Important Role in Future?

2017 Isssue 2

2017 Issue 2

Does e-Commerce Bring More Opportunities to Enterprises?

2015 Issue 1

2017 Issue 1

Trend of Data Security

2016 Issue 2

2016 Issue 2

Development of Internet of Things and Smart Hong Kong

2016 Isssue 1

2016 Issue 1

Hong Kong " Re-industrialization". Opportunity?

2015 Isssue 2

2015 Issue 2

Hong Kong I.T. needs to CATCH UP!

2015 Issue 1

2015 Issue 1

Step Ahead with Big Data

2014 Isssue 2

2014 Issue 2

Have you started Digital Marketing?

2014 Isssue 1

2014 Issue 1

Human and technology, who is the slave?

2013 Isssue 2

2013 Issue 2

The Opportunity for China Manufacturing to Move to Remote Countries

2013 Issue 1

2013 Issue 1

Mobilize your desk

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