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Envision X

Envision X is a state-of-the-art trading and accounting software package. It contains the features that are commonly needed in large to medium-sized trading companies, such as multi-company, multi-location, multi-currency and report analysis. The system functionality enables a company to automate a wide range of business processes such as sales, purchasing, inventory and accounting. The system is highly scalable, and it can grow as your needs grow. Using Envision X as a basis, companies are able to optimize the cost of sales, develop new approaches to increasing sales, improve operation efficiency, and much more.

Envision X ERP
Envision X ERP
Envision X ERP
Envision X ERP

Main Features

Envision X is comprised of the following six modules.

Envision X also provides the following value added features.

Form Designer

Form Designer allows you to customize the user interface as well as restricting various users from viewing or modifying certain fields on the input form. It renders the administrator better control of the access rights for different user or user group.

Message Centre

Message Centre provides a means for the Envision X users to communicate with each other without other e-mail program. The system will alert the users when there is/are new message(s) in the Inbox. For companies requiring a supervisor's approval / posting of a document e.g. Sales Order, Shipment Order, Purchase Order and Good Receive Note etc., the message centre can help expedite the approval process and hence improving the efficiency.

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