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Along with the rapidly changing market environment and the arrival of knowledge economy and economy globalization, more and more enterprises have recognized employees as one of the most precious assets and taken the enhancement of human capital value as a method to strengthen the competitive edges so that enterprises can deal with both the internal and external challenges, such as geographical and culture differences, frequently issued laws and regulations, and diversified employee demands etc. However, how to maximally enhance the human capital value and keep employee development in consistent with the enterprise objectives to create competitive edges has become the great topic posed to every enterprise operator.

Employee Information Maintenance
Employee Information Maintenance
Management-Assign Group to Employee
Management-Assign Group
to Employee

HRMS is a human resource management solution based on a more innovative technology. Through our successful experience in the human resource management industry and consistent customer recognition, HRMS is specifically designed and developed for enterprises in all industries and sizes. It can optimize the enterprise human capital, enhance employee satisfaction, and help to achieve competitive edges for your business.

No matter whether your enterprise is a transnational or a local enterprise, no matter whether you want to manage your mainland staff or your staff in Hong Kong, and no matter what industry your enterprise is engaged in and what stage of development your enterprise is at, HRMS can help your enterprise to realize central management, standardize business processes and promote your business efficiencies. HRMS applies to more advanced techniques and more flexible structures than ever, which are fully web-based. As a result, you are able to access your system anytime, anywhere, and make decisions basing on the real-time information. Meanwhile, it can help you to reduce the cost and risks in business operation, simplify regular maintenance and system upgrade, and ensure data security.

Strength & Benefits

Fully Web-based
Organizational Collaboration
Regulatory Compliance, and Reduce Risk
Based on Microsoft.Net Technology
Fully Integrated with Microsoft SQL Database
Fully Support Microsoft Windows Operating System
Powerful Reporting Functionalities for Analysis and Decision-making
High Level of Data Security and Multi-level Security Controls
User-friendly Application and Optimized User Interface
Support Multiple Languages
System Integration with Other Enterprise Management Systems

Core Functions

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