ERP Solutions

The ISL Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Retail Management System integrates functions such as pricing, sales management, and inventory, and supports connectivity with POS systems, cash registers, electronic payment systems, and provides features such as single settlement. If businesses can record customer sales data clearly, it will help the company evaluate the effectiveness of marketing plans and provide effective solutions to existing problems.

Success or failure often depends on the details. The success of a project is closely related to the depth of the business's understanding of its customers. To enhance customer loyalty, businesses can refer to the data from the retail management system to understand customers' past purchasing habits, attributes, and characteristics, as well as identify their best-selling products. This enables them to plan marketing activities and promotions that appeal to specific customer segments.

Furthermore, some businesses implement membership systems to improve customer loyalty. The ISL retail system provides businesses with maximum flexibility, allowing them to customize the system's user interface, membership data, and more, according to their specific needs for future development. With the assistance of a systematic approach, businesses can gain in-depth insights into member data and plan high-cost-effective membership benefits accordingly.

e-M-POWER is a state-of-the-art Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software package with an Intelligent Management System. It contains the features that are commonly needed in most various small to medium-sized manufacturing companies. The system is constructed using .NET Framework technology, and using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2008 as the development tools. It can provide the planning elements that are essential today in achieving the cost, delivery, and quality advantages. Now available on-demand supporting the Microsoft Windows Azure platform.

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e-M-POWER on Demand is the cloud-computing format of e-M-POWER system in web-based mode and launch through Windows® Azure™ Platform to provide an intelligent management system upon customer demand. It can be run through Internet without complex installation procedure. What's more, it not only helps enterprises to minimize the cost of entry and ownership, but also eliminate the need of technical resources on system set up and maintenance. e-M-POWER on Demand is your prefect choice to experience world-class Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system.

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ENVISION XR is a comprehensive financial and trade management system with functions and features to meet the needs of trading companies of all sizes, such as multi-companies, multi-warehouses, multi-currencies, and report analysis, etc. Envision XR is highly integrated with different modules such as Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, and Financials to automate repetitive and tedious tasks. This increases efficiency and enables quicker response to the market.

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