Let the Mobile BI go on the road with you
HKT invited ISL to join SME Press Event
On 6 November 2013, HKT, a member of PCCW, organized a HKT SME Press Event. The event aims to project HKT as the ICT expert for SMEs and SME-related associations, and to introduce the comprehensive solutions for the 4 industries...

Let's look into the STANDARD WORKING HOURS
Human and technology, who is the slave?
As time passes, there are more and more electronic devices emerging in the market. These communication devices, such as smart phones, change our lifestyle and ways of communication progressively. The intention of inventing these products is to ...

VitalDoc New Version Launch (Macau Station)
Through implementing e-M-POWER on Demand Cloud ERP system, JSI Logistics unifies logistics, capital flow and information flow in order to coordinate the whole supply chain effectively.
Founded over 30 years ago, JSI Logistics Corporation (JSI) has become a leader in providing logistics and supply chain management solutions around the world. ....