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Human and technology, who is the slave?

"While technology is helping us throughout the century, we should also think about whether we are having real communication with others with the help of it. "

As time passes, there are more and more electronic devices emerging in the market. These communication devices, such as smart phones, change our lifestyle and ways of communication progressively. The intention of inventing these products is to break the boundary of location and time, as well as enhancing the communication among people. Many media scholars indicated that new technology, especially internet and phones, draws people closer, hence strengthens the social bounding. Yet, there are scholars who object the above sayings, suggesting the reason why human beings have isolated themselves from the society is because they have been living in the virtual world and relying too much on all those technology products. Opinions differ in the society. Who is the real slave? Human beings or the technology?

Technology brings us lots of convenience. Working people can save information and designs into the computer, and use them anytime. Also, instead of writing and recording large amount of information by hand, computer can save us much time by simplifying our work. People or couples can make use of the message function on phones to enhance communication and exchange news. Internet provides real-time information for people to do research, and to share photos and videos. The invention and improvement of technology changes human's quality of life and quality of work, leading people to a new era.

However, every coin has two sides. It is likely that you are familiar with the term “Smart phone Addicts”, and you are probably one of them. “Smart phone Addicts” refers to people lowering their heads to use smart phones or tablets all day long, no matter where they are or who they are with. They seldom communicate with others face-to-face, and most of them seem to be addictive to electronic devices. We are fascinated by the ever-changing electronic devices. By getting to learn how to use them and be familiar with them, we gradually become addictive and morbid. We make a statement and leave comments on social networks, thinking that we are getting closer with our friends; however, technology actually makes our relationship unprecedentedly far, the association on internet is literally superficial. We no longer write letters and send our respects to families and friends, nor do we anticipate receiving replies from them by regular mail. Also, we no longer know how to communicate with others in person. What we only know is to sit in front of the computer and be a “Keyboard Fighter”. Media researches in U.S. suggested that over-depending on technology will narrow our actual interpersonal network and social circle. Although technology seemingly draw us together, it actually doesn't work in the way as expected. It rather keeps us away from the world. Well, do we actually become closer? Or more distant?

Communication is such an important factor in the development of human civilization. Through communication, we gather ideas and knowledge, become more mature, hence ignite innovative concepts. While technology is helping us throughout the century, we should also think about whether we are having real communication with others with the help of it. While technology develops rapidly, it brings pros and cons to us. After all, it depends whether we can utilize technology wisely or whether we allow ourselves being manipulated by it.