Case study

Case study

"In this era of network economy and e-commerce, the current primary objective of enterprise is to achieve the internal management and ERP integration, reach full and effective use of resources, improve operational efficiency, cost reduction and on-time delivery guarantee commitment. If enterprises have to be standardized, large-scale and international, introduction of ERP is inevitable."

Nelson Lau
General Manager of JSI China


Through implementing e-M-POWER on Demand Cloud ERP system, JSI Logistics unifies logistics, capital flow and information flow in order to coordinate the whole supply chain effectively. Hoping to maximize the use of existing resources of the company, achieve the unity of logistics, capital flow, information flow and maximize economic efficiency of enterprises.

Company Background

Founded over 30 years ago, JSI Logistics Corporation (JSI) has become a leader in providing logistics and supply chain management solutions around the world. JSI sets them apart from the competition by offering more flexibility in service and efficiency while focusing on creating customized solutions for customers. With keen market sense, JSI grasped the geographic location as well as the favorable customs policy of Futian Free Trade Zone and set up JSI Electronics Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. in 2007. They provide services such as procurement, electronic assembly, functional testing, waterproof plastic potting, protective coating, BGA rework, rework and final assembly and other value added services. Their large variety of products, small scale of production, short development cycle, and low-cost advantages enhances and speeds up the development cycle and competitiveness of the customers.

Introduction of ERP is inevitable to manage operational issues
When enterprise had developed to a certain stage, conventional management clearly does not meet the needs of the development; so how to achieve standardization of management to improve business efficiency has become a new topic. Without an information system which adapts to the situation, it is difficult to win in this increasingly competitive era. In this Internet economy and information technology era of e-commerce, the primary goal of business is to achieve internal management and ERP integration, achieve full and effective use of resources, improve operational efficiency and maintain cost reduction and on-time delivery guarantee commitment. If enterprises have to be standardized, large-scale and international, introduction of ERP is inevitable.

The system brings a lot of benefits for the company
Mr. Lau, general manager of JSI said, “Before using ISL’s e-M-POWER on Demand ERP system, we mainly faced 3 problems. First of all, real-time data with multiple clients cannot be reflected and shared very quickly, followed by the tedious traditional manual operation and low working efficiency. Also, we cannot calculate requirements planning precisely, and cost control is not in place. But after using the e-M-POWER on Demand, many departments with conflict of interest can run smoothly on one platform. By achieving integration between the main business functions and the basis of inforamtion sharing, collaboration among the various departments will be greatly improved while being able to monitor each other. Finally, the system optimizes inventory management, reduces inventory finance, so that inventory costs can be effectively controlled. Company further defined the purchasing, sales, inventory, finance, engineering and other post office and various work processes. Current ERP system has covered all aspects of production and management and replaced a large number of manual operations. Company documents circulation is reasonably optimized with the authorized shared information within the specified range, hence enables effective decision making for the company. Moreover, the precise and instant valid data brings powerful reference to the financial team. Compared to other ERP systems, the functions of e-M-POWER on Demand are more comprehensive with flexible operational reporting. "

Trust ISL, Reasonable Price
After comparing with numbers of software companies, we believe that ISL's e-M-POWER on Demand is a tool which is safe, full-featured, easy to operate and flexible to manage. It provides immediate and effective data for departments and greatly improves the efficiency of the operation and management. What is more, compared to the cost of many software systems, ISL’s price is reasonable and affordable.

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