Does e-Commerce Bring More Opportunities to Enterprises?
Does e-Commerce Bring More Opportunities to Enterprises?
The advancement in technology and the changes in marketing demand brings new development in commerce and trading. The rising popularity of the use of mobile networking attracts more users to transact online via e-Commerce platforms. Yet, e-Commerce stretches beyond online shopping...

Low cost with high efficiency
Provides new way for online promotion
Digital Marketing = Low cost with high efficiency
The using of smart phones is popular all over the world. Regardless of age, the use rate of smart phone is over 97%. People cannot stop using the smart phones no matter where they are. Thus, Digital Marketing on the social networking platforms grows into one of the most effective ways to disseminate information with wide coverage. The owner of Cheer's Kitchen Mr. Chow also points out that using social networking platform for promotion can allow the restaurant to actively introduce cuisine to customers and release timely updates...

HKMA Quality Award – 25th Anniversary Dinner
RTHK Radio Programme - Interview with Hilton
Our CEO - Hilton Law was invited to an interview in a radio programme podcasts on RTHK. As a guest speaker, Hilton shared his experience in the career path and provided advice to teenagers when stepping into the society and how to contribute themselves...