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THEME STORY: Hong Kong Re-industrialization. Opportunity?

Case study
Cheer's Kitchen


Company Background

Cheer's Kitchen is a western restaurant located at Tai Po. The chef at Cheer's Kitchen has over forty years’ experience and has received trainings in multiple countries in Europe. Different from other restaurants, it operates like a private home cuisine rather than a restaurant. Echoing to its Chinese name, literally meaning "full of sincerity", Cheer's Kitchen wholeheartedly prepares the cuisine to ensure that their guests can enjoy the best food. It also provides catering services for large-scale parties or small gatherings.

Digital Marketing in response to changes in the era

The owner of Cheer's Kitchen Mr Chow joins hand with ISL in the hope to attract more customers to taste his delicate cuisine. He believes that Digital Marketing is the trend for promotion in this era. ISL helps Cheer's Kitchen to formulate marketing strategies ranging from fine-tuning the Kitchen's logo with more focus on its business nature to launching a Facebook page with content design including photography, copywriting and other technical supports. All of these help to establish a closer relationship between Cheer's Kitchen and its customers who can handily access updates and information such as address, telephone number, promotion, menu and other services via the Facebook Page.

Digital Marketing = Low cost with high efficiency

The using of smart phones is popular all over the world. Regardless of age, the use rate of smart phone is over 97%. People cannot stop using the smart phones no matter where they are. Thus, Digital Marketing on the social networking platforms grows into one of the most effective ways to disseminate information with wide coverage. The owner of Cheer's Kitchen Mr. Chow also points out that using social networking platform for promotion can allow the restaurant to actively introduce cuisine to customers and release timely updates. Customers can rate and comment on the restaurant through the platform. This allows the restaurant to directly communicate with its customers. With the social networking platform, Cheer's Kitchen has a higher exposure rate that successfully attracts more customers. Cheer’s Kitchen acknowledges that ISL has never failed to provide professional supports whenever there are customers’ interactions on the Facebook page. The prompt notification and well-thought response of the ISL team allow Cheer's Kitchen to be well-prepared for any further actions, namely receiving order and setting up catering menus.

Enquiry Hotline: +852 2263 6106