Let's look into the STANDARD WORKING HOURS
Hong Kong " Re-industrialization". Opportunity?
"Re-industrialization" is believed to be familiar to experts. However, it is possible that it may be completely new to laymen. According to the 2016 Hong Kong Government Policy Address, "Re-industrialization" is one of the measures outlined by the Chief Executive, CY Leung. It is a potential and new direction to promote economic growth and a smart manufacturing era in the city...

VitalDoc New Version Launch (Macau Station)
Inevitable to use ERP in management!
As a forward moving enterprise, Wing Keung tried very hard to catch up with technology and quality improvement in the past. After having guarantees in technology and quality, Wing Keung found out they were not as good as other firms when reviewing the productivity and efficiency. So, they started thinking to make use of computers to improve productivity and efficiency...

Let the Mobile BI go on the road with you
ISL 30th Anniversary Celebration Event
On 22 January 2016, the 30th Anniversary Celebration of Integrated Solutions Ltd. (ISL) was launched and the event was a great success. In the celebration cocktail, a prize game was conducted with the utilization of ReportNOW, the mobile data interchange platform, on which participants simply scanned the QR code and answered the questions. One of the participants with the correct answers was picked in the lucky draw and received a travel coupon...