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THEME STORY: Hong Kong Re-industrialization. Opportunity?

Case study

In this era of network economy and e-commerce, the current primary objective of enterprise is to achieve the internal management and ERP integration, reach full and effective use of resources, improve operational efficiency, cost reduction and on-time delivery guarantee commitment. If enterprises have to be standardized, large-scale and international, introduction of ERP is inevitable.”

Sales & Marketing Director - Kely Kong


After implementing e-M-POWER, the connection of four main modules ‒ Sales, Production, Purchasing, Inventory, reflects the real situation. Every department enters information that needs to be focused into e-M-POWER, so that management can monitor the whole process and each department can handle their own process easier. Also, the flow of information boosts every department to make decisions faster and more precisely.

Company Background

Wing Keung Optical Manufacturing Ltd. is the optical division of Wing Keung Industrial International Ltd. Since over 10 years from the beginning, Wing Keung pays uncompromising attention not only to exquisite workmanship and superior technology, but also to fashionable style and the use of new innovative materials. The basis of the design work is formed according to the demand and style of wearers in the European market, whereby most of the products are being exported. As a result, Wing Keung boasts their capabilities in making ideas take shape. New design ideas are then taken to production whereby sampling, electroplating and painting, and the manufacturing of all other parts are done with utmost dedication. This scope of operation carried out from a single location gives the advantage of exceptional process control and production oversight that brings new level of quality and consistency to customers.

Inevitable to use ERP for management

As a forward-moving enterprise, Wing Keung tried very hard to catch up on technology and quality improvement in the past. After having guarantees in technology and quality, Wing Keung found out they were not as good as other firms when reviewing the productivity and efficiency. So, they started thinking to make use of computers to improve productivity and efficiency. In this new era of information technology, the current primary objective of enterprise is to integrate the internal management with ERP, utilize resources effectively, improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver on-time. Therefore, it is inevitable to use ERP for management.

System helps to predict future directions

Kely Kong, Sales & Marketing Director of Wing Keung, explained “Through implementing ERP system successfully, we can further lower our cost and loss on production line, so as to improve our competitiveness. After having this strong system and database, our company can have a more comprehensive sales planning, analyze customers’sales behavior, sales distribution and performance parameters in the same period, which are very important in predicting the future development.”

“Another major achievement is BOM regulation. Every enterprise must be highly concerned about its own industrial process including the choice of materials. Because of the complexity of technology used in the past Excel management model which was hard to maintain or manage effectively, except from leakage prevention, the application of retained information was extremely low. After several amendments, it was hard to calculate which materials were allocated and applied to which product and the amount of reference etc., BOM in e-M-POWER brought us a brand new management model: The amendments in BOM were recorded and can be traced; we can follow up the affected work orders timely after amendments. This greatly reduced the problems caused by the data delay brought by BOM revision.”Miss Kong described in detail.

Trust ISL in its long history

ISL as a rooted company in Hong Kong for nearly 30 years, years of cooperation with ISL made us recognize that ISL is a comprehensive and trustworthy partner. Among all ERP system vendors, we believe ISL is the best choice of Wing Keung. e-M-POWER mainly operates between China and Hong Kong in our operation, ISL’s strong team and a comprehensive experience in manufacturing are the factors we considered. Therefore, our system vendor is none other than ISL.

For more information, please visit: http://www.isl.com.hk/e-M-POWER.asp

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