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Powerful business operation assures the competitive edges in the severe competition while standard enterprise regulation guarantees the steady development of business operation. In this sense, employee self-service platform best boosts the stable and rapid development of enterprises by improving the efficiency of internal communication.

Employee Self-service Homepage
Employee Self-service Homepage

The Employee Self-service module can unify several functions into one employee self-service platform, including enterprise regulation, employee information, data analysis and workflow management, etc., which greatly integrates the enterprise information resource and improves the work efficiency. It can help personal query of enterprise regulation, employee information query and modification, attendance and payroll query, etc. It can also help manager check personnel information, attendance and payroll information of subordinates and provide analysis report to support decision-making. In addition, the system facilitates the standard and electronic business workflow to achieve flexible control. The deliberate system security guarantees precise and flexible user authorities.

Main Features

Employee and Corporate Information
Users can individually view company regulation and bulletin online.
Check various open information of colleague, such as phone number, e-mail, etc. Payroll Query
User can check payroll for the month as well as historic.

Manager Self-Service
Supervisor can check direct/indirect subordinates' files information within one's authority.
Support fuzzy inquiry by modes like organization structure, keyword and photo, etc.
Supervisor can view subordinates' payroll and benefits data.

Workflow Application
Users can conduct internal electronic workflow application, such as working overtime and leave, etc.
Department assistant can act for colleague's workflow application within one's authority.
Users can freely view the personal workflow status such as approval, refusal and under approval.

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