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Compensation & Benefits

Compensation and benefits management is a vital aspect of human resource management. It involves analyzing large amounts of payroll data related to employee turnover or promotion, and producing high-quality salary reports quickly.

The Compensation and Benefits module has powerful features and flexible architecture that can support various compensation and benefits policies and rules. It can help you handle large data sets, eliminate human errors and reduce the processing time significantly. Moreover, the payroll lock function of the C&B module can enhance the data security and accuracy and clarify the roles and responsibilities in the compensation and benefits management processes.

Main Features

Compute wages for different types of workers based on monthly, biweekly, hourly, or per-unit rates.
Apply deductions for social security, housing, health, unemployment, and other funds according to relevant laws.
Adjust tax payments based on different tax rules and methods.
Create and manage custom leave categories and calculate employee leave pay accordingly.
Offer various options for entering overtime and leave data.

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