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Budget Management

Human capital is recognized as one of the most precious assets for enterprise. Each budget is based on scientific forecast, therefore, labor cost forecast is becoming more and more important in the development of modern enterprise, which is closely linked with enterprise activities, including staff management, welfare state policy and compensation forecast, labor cost budget, budget result adjustment, budget implementation tracking, accurate estimation and management based on a mass of data, etc.

Operational Flowchart

The Budget Management module is able to forecast and track the enterprise future labor cost. It supports user to set up different assumed conditions flexibly and obtain precise budget data through automatic bonding with historical and relevant data of Employee Information Management module and Payroll module of HRMS to conduct fast calculation and then export budget result by using Excel template. Moreover, it can revise and track the budget data after budget available so as to meet various budgeting managerial requirements in all dimensions.

Main Features

Budget Year Setup. Flexibly define budget for different years.
Position Parameter Setup. Flexibly manage different position parameters and the position parameters can be applied to calculation and adjustment for different budget items.
Corporation Budget Item Setup. Set up unified corporation budget item, which is able to furnish unified corporation budget report on the premise of flexible setting of separate payroll systems.
Welfare Policy Forecast. Forecast regional welfare policy changes and support separate welfare policy forecast of different payroll systems in the same region to meet diverse management requirements.

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