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Attendance Tracking Management

Traditionally, the attendance tracking management is low-efficient and inaccurate, which is impossible for HR executives to analyze and make decisions without real-time and accurate attendance records. The challenges of attendance tracking management include the need for flexible shift or roster plans and real-time attendance monitoring and analysis.

Shift Information
Shift Information

Attendance Tracking Management module allows multiple attendance tracking systems existing within one single human resource management system, and helps to realize data centralization. It can obtain the data from attendance tracking machine to realize data integration. The customizable design permits the flexible set-up of attendance tracking functionalities to meet a variety of attendance tracking requirements of companies in various industries.

Main Features

Tracks late arrivals, early departures, absence, overtime and leave.
Reports on abnormal data such as repetitive pairs and missing pairs.
Provides Leave and overtime comparisons between pre-applied data and the actual data.
Data can be easily exported using multiple file formats. Analysis Reporting.

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