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Recruitment Management

Employee recruitment is a very important part in enterprise human resource management, and a critical challenge facing by HR managers as well: how to gather recruitment requirements from departments effectively; how to cultivate and integrate multifold resources to manage recruitment channels; how to pick over and archive outstanding candidates' information file from huge numbers of resumes in an easy way; how to command every part of recruitment management process to allocate HR department human and material resources and budget reasonably, etc.

Recruitment Channel
Recruitment Channel

Recruitment Management module has integrated thousands of customers' implementation experience and requirements and assists to resolve various problems in enterprise recruitment management. It makes HR administrator's tasks in recruitment management easier including publishing recruitment information, reviewing resumes, establishing talents bank, managing interview, evaluating interview result, and managing recruitment resources, which helps achieve a general control of recruitment process.

Main Features

Manage and inquire recruitment requirement, recruitment plan, publication, and recruitment result and recruitment history.
Manage position requirement and vacant numbers, input relative requirements for the position like degree, major and skills, etc., which would directly generate into position requirement information.
Manage the publish channels and history.
Import qualified applicants' resume into enterprise's talent pool directly.

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