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Employee Information Management

Employee information management is absolutely basic for enterprise to evaluate employees. To ensure employee information accurate, timely, complete and safe, and hereby formulate appropriate human resource development strategy are the major problems HR department faced to address.

Assign Group to Employee
Assign Group to Employee

Human Resources Management module covers comprehensive functions, including employee profile management, employment and turnover management, payroll data management, attendance recording, head account management and so on, which reflects the dynamic status of human resources and thus supports decision-making.

Main Features

Link each employee with the corresponding compensation and benefits rules and attendance management rules.
Manage employee profile, labor contract, training records, performance review records, awards and discipline records, company assets records, welfare information, position information and other information that can be customized.
Users can easily find out vacant positions by preset workforce planning. Have labor supply and demand in control by creating the talent pool.
Provide the extent of employee whose salary needed to be calculated for the convenience of subsequent data preparation and computation by compensation and benefits specialist.

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