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28 February, 2022  
No-Code App Platform facilitates business transformation

Enterprises undergoing digital transformation mostly adopt cloud services. The advantage of cloud services is that deployment can simply be made via internet, Hilton Law explains. As a software supplier, ISL also needs to think ahead and follow the market demand, from the traditional office software to the cloud services. The best practices emphasized by the industry are also different from those in the past. Enterprises require solutions that are more flexible and better suited to digital transformation. ISL acquired Tera Age, a local software company, in 2013 to develop mobile app and cloud systems, including ReportNOW.

Hilton Law, CEO of ISL, further explains that users of ReportNOW, the no-code software platform, can create their own forms without any programming knowledge. When asked about the comparison with the low-code solutions of the technology giants in the market such as Microsoft or SAP, Hilton Law says that ReportNOW is a solution that does not require any coding skills and therefore customers do not need to hire IT professionals to perform the tasks. You can combine the various components like building blocks to create a solution you need which is suitable for enterprises lacking IT manpower.

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