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What is Document Management System (DMS)?Electronic document management makes operations smoother

Document Management System (DMS system for short) is a software applicable to different industries and enterprises. The electronic document management system is a key software that can help improve the productivity of the enterprise and increase the security of document storage. Choosing a company document management system that meets the needs can reduce costs for the company, improve customer experience, and maximise revenue.

It is time-consuming to process paper documents in traditional offices whereas the fully digital work environment is more flexible

In the office process of traditional enterprises, it is usually necessary to deal with a large amount of paper documents. In addition to the possibility of damage from moisture, insect or misplacement during storage, which may lead to loss of important information, it is also very difficult and inefficient to manage and search the information. During the past few years of the epidemic, many companies have introduced a remote working model to add flexibility to the company. Coupled with the increasing popularity of e-commerce, the electronic management system that can handle complex documents in one stop has attracted growing attention. The introduction of a company document management system is an important step in the digital transformation of an enterprise. Through the implementation of paperless management, it can help the enterprise to gradually transition to a comprehensive electronic system. The use of DMS electronic system can not only reduce paper consumption and be more environmentally friendly, but also save storage space and reduce operating costs for enterprises.

Conveniently manage enterprise files and save time in searching the archive

Whether it is a large or small and medium-sized enterprise, there may be a large number of files that need to be processed every day. Especially for SMEs, if they are too busy with other business processes to properly file their documents for a while, over time, the documents that have not been properly classified will pile up like a mountain. If there is no proper company document management system, it will be very time-consuming to find specific documents. In the worst case, there are a large number of unclassified documents, and it is difficult for staff to open the files one by one, go through the content, and then carry out the cumbersome classification process. With the help of the document management system, staff can use the real-time search function of the system to efficiently find the required documents based on information such as file names, keywords in the files, and creation dates. This can not only reduce the workload of the staff, but also save a lot of time for the company's daily operations.

Easier integration and collaboration among colleagues. Able to track revisions and changes

Many document management systems on the market provide permission setting and sharing functions, allowing companies to set different permissions for different documents such as editing or viewing according to the department and rank of employees. At the same time, even if you are working remotely or on a business trip, you can collaborate and edit documents with team members at any time, which is of great help to improve the office efficiency of the enterprise.

What to pay attention to when choosing a file management system

When selecting an electronic document management system, be aware that if the software's service is only limited to the local server, files won't be accessible when the team is away at work. Moreover, although some software on the market claims to have cloud services, it is best to understand their actual functions. For example, the cloud function of the software may allow users to log in with a web browser, but the available functions are limited. If you want to make it easier for employees to work remotely and access documents outside the office, you need to understand the cloud network technology used by the system in order to choose a system that suits the needs of the enterprise.

Furthermore, enterprises should pay attention to whether the document retrieval function parameters provided by the system include folders, document names, document texts, tags, etc., and whether cross-parameter retrieval is allowed when selecting a document management system, which is critical to the efficiency of document search. At the same time, if the system provides the optical character recognition (OCR) function, it will be even more convenient for enterprises to capture data in different types of documents. Try to choose software with advanced search capabilities that can help your teams quickly and accurately get the information they need from documents, anytime, anywhere.

The electronic document management system can help the teams in an organisation to manage information such as documents, emails and attachments. Making good use of the DMS system can not only improve efficiency, but also reduce costs. Our Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS) is a highly scalable enterprise-level document management system that provides optical character recognition and retrieval functions. The web-based interface supports traditional and simplified Chinese and English, and includes file check-in and check-out functions to fully meet the needs of enterprises.

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