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What is CRM?CRM system becomes a recommended tool for enterprises

The stable and smooth development of a company not only relies on a group of outstanding talents, but the smooth internal operation is also one of the core elements for the success of the company's development. In recent years, all industries focus on how to strengthen the customer relationship. In view of this, enterprises in Hong Kong adoped the CRM system to maintain customer relationships so as to ensure every customer can enjoy the best service experience. What is CRM then? Why is CRM highly recommended and becoming more and more significant?

What is CRM?

CRM(Customer Relationship Managerment)System is a tool to manage all the company's relationships and enhance interactions with customers. What has made CRM to be widely adoped in various industries in Hong Kong? The main objective for CRM is to help enterprises and their customers to maintain a close relationship, record personal information of existing and potential customers so as to facilitate future access, and strive to provide customers with excellent sales services.

How to strengthen customer relationships?

How to establish and strengthen customer relationships has always been the most concerned issue for marketers, especially in the electronic age. The proper use of IT tools can maximize work efficiency and create greater profits. Therefore, it is recommended that marketers maintain a good relationship with customers through the CRM system.

The CRM system has many functions and is therefore recommended for enterprises to use. It can collect personal information of customers (such as name, age, phone number, email, education level, etc.), establish a database belonging to the company, and analyze consumption habits (product mix, service requirements, etc.). Subsequently, the industry can formulate the operation interface and data report of the Hong Kong CRM system according to the key performance indicators (KPI) of the business, so as to understand and serve customers in an all-round way. In addition, marketers can use mobile devices to track performance at any time, report performance to their bosses in real time, and strive to enhance the competitive advantage of the company.

Recommended CRM system for all industries

The CRM system is gradually being widely used in Hong Kong enterprises. It provides various support for different positions to solves problems.

Sales and Marketing

The level of corporate sales performance often depends on how marketers strengthen customer relationships and maintain close relationships with them. The CRM systems play an important role in strengthening customer relationships. The CRM system pre-organizes a list of potential customers for marketers, and distinguishes them according to their attributes (such as consumption levels). Marketers only need to click on specific attribute labels to more accurately target the needs of each customer and apply suitable promotion strategies.

The CRM system has a variety of report samples and auxiliary tools to help marketers analyze various data, grasp the overall situation as soon as possible, and gain insight into opportunities. Marketers can take actions and formulate marketing plans for customers according to the situation (including promotions, customer personal offers, remarketing, etc.), which is one of the reasons why CRM systems are recommended.

Customer Relationship

How to strengthen customer relationship is often a big challenge for customer service staff, and CRM system can help customer service staff in Hong Kong understand their customers better. With a basic understanding of customers, customer service staff can accurately provide assistance to customers and solve customer problems, thereby enhancing customers' sense of belonging to the company.


What is the reason for the e-commerce business to use the CRM system? The CRM system plays a pivotal role in the future development of e-commerce in Hong Kong and provides support in all aspects. In addition to integrating the information of Hong Kong customers, the CRM system can also observe and analyze customer consumption habits, understand customer preferences and needs, and estimate the quantity of incoming goods to create higher income for e-commerce, allowing e-commerce to centrally handle administrative affairs and improve operational efficiency.

Pivotal's CRM solution helps businesses grow smoothly

The Pivotal CRM solution (Pivotal CRM) system serves various Hong Kong enterprises in storing documents in the Hong Kong CRM system and organizing them properly. It has precise calculation functions and can also display performance in reports in real time. In addition, the Pivotal CRM system can also integrate customer registration information and data from different social platforms (official website, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), which is convenient for corporate personnel to check and follow up in the future, and improve performance. At the same time, the Pivotal CRM system has also been supported by major enterprises and has become one of the most recommended CRM systems for Hong Kong enterprises.

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