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Agile industry-specific solutions that deliver the right functionality out of the box and the flexibility to easily mirror your business processes

Every business is unique, with different customer strategies, different business processes, and different user expectations. The challenge for businesses today is to use differentiated customer strategies and take intelligent action across all of their channels-and to manage these activities efficiently and profitably using customer relationship management solutions.

The need for CRM flexibility and sophistication-the desire to have both powerful, appropriate functionality out of the box and the ability to mold the software to fit unique business processes-is prompting more and more companies to turn to CRM. As a leading provider of CRM solutions that meet unique business needs, our CRM offers flexible solutions tailored to fit the complex industry-specific processes, data models, workflows, and end-user requirements of diverse organizations across a broad range of industries. The goal is to enable our CRM customers to deliver a differentiated and superior customer experience, while at the same time giving them the tools they need to run their businesses more productively, efficiently, and profitably.

Pivotal CRM

Our CRM Advantage

We offers CRM that fits your business. Our sales, marketing, and customer service solutions:

Fit specific industry and
business processes

Every industry has a different type of relationship with its customers, and each has its own data requirements. Our ability to support specific industries' unique functionality requirements and processes "out of the box" results in less customization and integration, accelerated deployment, and lower long-term total cost of ownership.

Fit unique customer-driven strategies

From the user interface and functionality to the workflows necessary to enable enterprise-wide customer-driven processes, CRM builds in the right business logic to improve business performance, embeds data models that support industry standards, and transforms raw data into the appropriate key performance indicators for specific industries-ensuring our customers' competitive advantage.

Fit business objectives and
user expectations

Our commitment to providing industry solutions extends far beyond our product offerings. We offer a continuum of services designed to help implement, maintain, use, and support solutions at a pace that produces reliable results at a lower total cost of ownership. Our skilled, knowledgeable services team works with our customers to define industry solutions that improve business flexibility, integrate with products from other vendors in the industry, and meet companies' strategic goals.

Industry-Specific CRM Suites

  • CRM for Manufacturing
  • CRM for Medical Device Manufacturing
  • CRM for Home Building and Real Estate
  • CRM for Healthcare Insurance
  • CRM for Financial Services
    • CRM for Institutional Asset Management
    • CRM for Wholesale Asset Management
    • CRM for Capital Markets
    • CRM for Private Banking
    • CRM for Commercial Banking

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