Corporate Social Responsibility / News 2023

26 June, 2023   
Robocon 2023 Hong Kong Contest

To arouse the interest and awareness of engineering and IT among the public, in particular university and secondary school students, Hong Kong Science Park held the Robocon 2023 Hong Kong Contest in Grand Hall of Hong Kong Science Park on 26 June 2023. By forming teams, students from various field of study, such as mechanical engineering, electronics and computer programming, cooperated with each other and aimed to achieve the common goal: winning the match. Also, the contest is to serve as a platform for local universities and colleges to exchange experiences in engineering, and identify the most talented team to represent Hong Kong in the international contest, promoting the image of Hong Kong in higher education and showcasing local universities on the international stage.

As a platinum sponsor, ISL is proud to support this innovative robotics competition event that encourages students to explore the fields of engineering and IT. We believe that fostering young talent is crucial for the future of Hong Kong's innovation and technological advancement. By providing our full support to the Robocon 2023 Hong Kong Contest, we hope to inspire and boost young people’s interest in the IT industry, and to cultivate the future innovators and leaders in Hong Kong!