Corporate Social Responsibility / News 2023

8 January, 2023   
GP46 "Rush Hour 8"

On January 8, 2023, GP46 "Rush Hour 8" was held in D‧PARK, Tsuen Wan, hoping to awaken the public to integrate environmental protection into life, and to pay attention to carbon reduction life. The event lasted 8 hours and attracted more than 800 people to participate. The environmental protection activity of cycling to generate electricity raised public awareness of environmental protection, and successfully broke the Guinness World Records of "The most electricity generated by cycling within 8 hours". All proceeds will be donated to U-Hearts and InspiringHK Sports Foundation.

ISL is honoured to be one of the sponsors and hopes to promote the concept of environment, society and governance through this event. This concept is a new form of performance indicators for evaluating corporate operations. Companies that value the concept of ESG can drive high growth and create more social well-being, thereby achieving sustainable operations.

In addition, ISL was honoured to receive two awards in this event. We expect that the important performance of ESG will be improved day by day, so that all enterprises will pay more attention to the promotion of the concept of ESG sustainable development.