Corporate Social Responsibility / News 2022

18 October, 2022    
Leadership Institute On Narcotics

To encourage youngsters to assist peers in overcoming the difficulties they face in their development and to resist temptation of drugs, the Narcotics Bureau of the Hong Kong Police Force founded the “Leadership Institute on Narcotics” (L.I.O.N.) in 2021 with the support of various sectors of the community and recruited 100 secondary and university students over the territory as mentees each year. Through offering guidance on design and implementation of anti-drug activities by expertise from different professions, the institute hope to foster mentees’ sense of social responsibility and nurture them into outstanding young anti-drug leaders.

Our CEO, Hilton is honored to be one of the leaders. He is endeavored to contribute to the society outside his professional field of information technology through publicizing anti-drug message among the younger generation and the public. He aspires to cultivate a new generation of youngsters with moral responsibilities and civic awareness, promote a drug-free culture, establish correct values, and contribute to society.