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26 June, 2022  
Robocon 2022 Hong Kong Contest

Robocon 2022 Hong Kong Contest aims to arouse the interest in and awareness of engineering and IT among the public, in particular university and secondary school students, encourages the design and construction of robots as well as providing real experience for post-secondary students and future engineers. Through setting a joint project targeting for various university departments and enabling cooperation between students studying mechanical engineering, electronics and computer programming, it serves as a platform for local universities and colleges to exchange experiences in engineering. To promote the image of Hong Kong in higher education, this event can select the strongest team to represent Hong Kong in the international contest for providing exposure for local universities on an international stage.

On 26 June 2022, Hong Kong Science Park held the Robocon 2022 Hong Kong Contest at DT Hub. ISL is honoured to provide full support in this amazing innovation event in the tertiary academia as a platinum sponsor. ISL never skimps on supporting Hong Kong ICT development and nurturing young talent. It was encouraging to see many institutions and talents come together and being co-inspired through the competition!.