Corporate Social Responsibility / News 2021

13 April, 2021
Work Experience Movement 2020/2021 (3)

On 13-14 April, 2021, ISL once again participated in the Business-School Partnership Program (BSPP) organized by the Education Bureau. The program is designed to promote the cooperation between schools and business sectors, and to bring students out of the classroom, hoping to help them understand themselves through the real workplace experience so as to meet the challenges in future.

In this programme, two secondary students from different schools came to ISL and experienced the daily operation in the marketing department. The activity started with a brief introduction about the company background, products, services and the daily tasks for the students. In these two days, they were assigned to do marketing research and gather information of events. With the assistance of our staff, the students finished the marketing research and other tasks smoothly and got to know more about the operation in an office.

Through this programme, students gained valuable experience and get to explore their career path. ISL hopes that the students can develop a positive working attitude by arranging different jobs to test their work abilities and skills. With their own interests, strengths and weakness, students can explore their own career orientation, and get themselves prepared for the challenges ahead.

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