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8 March, 2021
INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS LIMITED appointed by Cyberport to enhance the submission process of its support programmes’ applications

We are glad to announce that Cyberport has appointed us to be the ICT service provider for the submission process of its support programmes’ application.

ReportNOW is a digital transformation platform providing end-to-end services. Our professional team helps streamline Cyberport’s operation workflow through our No-Code Application Platform with the aim of optimizing their service portal.

We take pride in being the ICT service provider for Cyberport. ReportNOW helps simplify the user interface of the system with greater flexibility through our No-Code Application Platform. Seeing the challenges faced in the past years, ReportNOW helps to increase the engagement of the business application. With 35 years of proven experience in information management, ISL keeps developing highly productive collaborative tools to move onto the world stage.

ReportNOW allows users to build new forms and reports in the application themselves, creating a new generation of digital transformation and ultimately delivering modern applications that evolve with businesses and technologies. In order to support the system requirement of Cyberport, we will ceaselessly optimize our services with a view to providing better user experience.

Once again, we are honored to contribute to the digitalization of the city.

March, 2021
Integrated Solutions Limited