Corporate Social Responsibility / News 2020

9 September, 2020
The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society Charity Fund -
Electronic Devices Donation to Schoolchildren

1 September is the day when the new semester begins. Earlier this year, the Education Bureau announced that Primary and Secondary Schools had to adopt the online learning instead of face-to-face teaching due to COVID-19. An organization had interviewed over 730 Hong Kong grassroots students and found that about 40% of the respondents did not have an electronic device with internet access at home. Seeing that students from the low-income or CSSA families are unable to have online classes due to lack of computer at home, the Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society Charity Fund launched the ‘’Electronic Devices Donation to Schoolchildren’’ Scheme to call for donation of second-hand notebooks or tablets with good condition from trade operators and interested persons in society for the grassroots students.

Our CEO Mr. Hilton Law is honoured to be able to help the grassroots students by donating 2 new iPads to the Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society Charity Fund on 9 September, 2020, hoping to give grassroots students an equal learning opportunity. Under the influence of COVID-19, technological development and electronic devices have become more important. Hilton has always been committed to nurturing young innovation and technology talents while being deeply aware of the importance of technological devices, therefore, he spares no effort on this meaningful fundraising activity.

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