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27 November, 2019
CEBIT ASEAN Thailand 2019 - Hong Kong Pavilion

CEBIT ASEAN Thailand is a business platform for IT professionals and decision-makers, from start-ups to SMEs, providing an opportunity for the technology industry and business expansion. It features over 200 exhibiting companies from 12 countries with leading technology brands across the world, specializing in business solutions and IoT.

On 27-29 November 2019, ISL participated in "Hong Kong Pavilion” of this exhibition which was organized by the Hong Kong Software Industry Association (HKSiA) at IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center in Bangkok, Thailand. This exhibition aimed at promoting the development of the software industry and cooperated with overseas software industries, so as to obtain better resource allocation, benefit sharing as well as mutual value addition. Through the exchange of international contacts, project management skills, technical talents, Hong Kong software companies can benefit from each other in the business development.

ISL is very honored to be one of the exhibitors of this exhibition to showcase our product - ReportNOW. ReportNOW is an interactive mobile application which is compatible with different data repositories and creates real-time reports on multiple platforms in different formats. It helps to optimize operations of organizations with the ease of mobile devices. Users can upload data and generate reports and forms with real-time information shared in the database system from the server. Through ReportNOW, users can connect to the database and create reports in corresponding formats instantly.