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12 September, 2019
IndustryConnect @ Hong Kong Science Park - The Institution of Dining Art

IndustryConnect is a value-added service provided by HKSTP to promote and facilitate technological and industrial collaborations between the Science Park companies and members of local industry and trade associations. On 12 September 2019, HKSTP built a collaboration platform for The Institution of Dining Art by providing presentations, product demonstrations and business matchings from the Science Park companies. This is a valuable opportunity for exchanging innovative ideas and demonstrating the related technologies between the Science Park companies and the stakeholders of the Food and Beverage Industry. The event has gained a huge support, and the number of attendance has reached 80, which is very encouraging for the Science Park companies.

ISL was honored to be invited to share its latest product ReportNOW. ReportNOW is an interactive mobile data interchange solution which is suitable for all industries. It can integrate different database systems and allow enterprises to customize reports in their preferred formats. With ReportNOW, users can use any mobile devices to link-up with their business database system for the real-time data and stay connected with the latest information. Enterprises can greatly enhance the management efficiency and effectiveness by grasping the latest business updates.

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