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What are the benefits and types of smart door security systems? They allow you to enter the industrial or commercial buildings and receive goods 24 hours a day

Nowadays, with the development of information technology, more and more attention is paid to asset and personal safety. The door security system serves a pivotal role in security precaution. There are many types of access control systems, and with the rapid development of technology and artificial intelligence technology, many enterprises or industrial and commercial buildings have upgraded the traditional card access control system and replaced it with smart door security systems and biometric access control systems, etc. What are the benefits of a smart door security system? The following will give you a detailed introduction.

Fully integrated door security system and human resources system

In short, a smart door security system is an access management control system. For example, a smart door security system in general is installed in the housing estates, so that the resident's identity can be confirmed in the residential lobby, clubhouse or parking lot and other facilities before entering. In addition to housing estates, industrial and commercial buildings, elevators, warehouses, office entrances and exits will install access control systems to manage the access rights for passageways. The door security system can restrict the entry and exit of specific people, and can also restrict their entry and exit within a specific time range by setting the time period.

At present, many companies have begun to use the human resources management system in handling employee attendance, scheduling and leave requests, reimbursement of wages, etc., and to simplify the operating procedures with mobile applications. The door security system can be used anywhere. Not only does it facilitate employees' commuting and attendance, the efficiency of the personnel department in monitoring attendance and calculating salaries can also be greatly improved. With the popularization of digital transformation, many companies have integrated smart door security systems with employees’ attendance records to digitize the entire clock in and clock out process, eliminating the need for manual data input in traditional attendance systems. This greatly reduces the workload of the human resources department, and avoid errors in salary calculation due to manual input.

The door security system has many benefits. It works flexibly with the business operations, and ensures security in the entire office space

People are frequently in and out in offfices, warehouses and other places. In addition, many companies have complex organizational structures in which their logistics staff often need to enter and exit. Different office areas need to set up corresponding entry and exit rules. Faced with this situation, the advantage of having different types of door security systems is that they can base on the customer needs in order to adjust the overall plan. ReportNOW's rTag can be connected with ReportNOW's human resource management system to meet the needs of different industries. The current door security management system is very much modernized. On the basis of such system, corresponding auxiliary equipment can be added to control elevators and other equipment, and even conduct fire safety monitoring and security inspection management, etc., which have been widely used.

Enterprises can install corresponding types of door security system equipment according to the needs of different office areas. For example, companies can install card machines in the main office, and use QR code access control in areas with more people such as visitor reception or warehouses. They can directly authorize visitors to enter and exit, and can set the passage time according to the needs of the enterprise to ensure efficient safety. With this type of smart access control system, enterprises can use the human resources system in combination to improve the procesures of goods receipt and improve operational efficiency. Through the QR code and the fixed or portable scanners set up in the office, the staff can use it at designated times to enter or exit the warehouse in order to complete the collection and delivery. At the same time, the company can check the delivery progress on the cloud system, which makes the operation of the enterprise more convenient.

Set up a smart reception desk to serve visitors 24 hours a day

ReportNOW's intelligent management system can provide a QR code that can be changed at any time, which is convenient for identity authentication or door lock switch in various places. When an event involving a large number of visitors is to be held, such as an anniversary event, an open day, etc., the smart door security system can allow visitors to register themselves, fill in their personal information and fill in the declaration information online, or generate a QR code after completing the form for visitors to scan on entry.

There are many types of smart door security systems, but the installation of access gates is expensive, while biometric authentication gates such as face recognition machines have slow response times and poor user experience, which will also cause users to worry about their privacy. ReportNOW's intelligent management system can fulfill efficient management and smart registration of visitors. With the QR code scanner, it can achieve 24-hour unattended self-service reception, replacing the work of the receptionist on duty, reducing labour costs, integrating operations and centralizing management.

What's more, ReportNOW's intelligent management system allows you to cooperate with smart key lockers in gyms and other places, enabling visitors to collect or return keys by themselves in different ways, such as QR code, password or card, which is very convenient.

The advantage of the smart door security system is that it can help the office or facilities to achieve unattended management, allowing members or visitors to come and go freely 24 hours a day. It is also convenient for enterprises to organize complex registration information. If you want to choose the appropriate type of door security system for your business, please contact us.

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