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How to systematize sales process management? Hong Kong enterprises make good use of sales system to improve efficiency

The best way to treat customers is that the company must perform well in every step of the sales process and provide customers with the perfect sales service. In order to achieve this, the company has to implement a systematic sales process management, so that the sales staff can closely follow and track the changes of each order which helps to enhance the efficiency of the staff and brings steady improvement to the company's performance. How does the sales system reduce the burden on sales staff in Hong Kong?

Provide appropriate support to customers during the sales process

Although every company in Hong Kong has different business models and scales, the sales process is similar. Generally, it can be divided into eight steps, namely:

  1. Contact the customers
  2. Introduce the services (e.g. providing quotations to potential clients)
  3. Customize the order
  4. Demonstrate the product
  5. Discuss the details
  6. Sign the contract
  7. Follow the order
  8. Issue invoice

Success often lies in the details. A company can succeed because it places great emphasis on the entire sales process. Every step in the process can increase the company's conversion rate. With the assistance of the sales system management, sales staff can thoroughly understand the potential customers, and use the functions of the sales system to manage customers in Hong Kong or other countries so as to enhance customers' loyalty and maximize profits for the company.

Sales process handles sales systematically

Sales staff have limited knowledge of new customers. They often need to find customer information in disorganized databases and cannot immediately tailor the best sales plan for the customers. With the assistance of the sales process system, sales staff can immediately analyze the customer data, such as industry and size, which can help them formulate the sales plans. In addition to providing reference for the sales staff, the sales system can also assist them to track the order progress. If the customer has any inquiries, the sales staff can also respond immediately. On the whole, the sales system saves a lot of time for the sales staff and improves the work efficiency of the employees.

The Envision X sales system can help the companies in Hong Kong process each customer order with a view to enhance their market competitiveness. The sales management system has a variety of order templates, and the sales staff can easily create various reports for customers to refer to. Moreover, the Envison X sales process management system can also make flexible adjustments according to the needs of the customers by freely deleting or adding items for customization.

In addition, after the customer receives the quotation from the company and agrees with the price, the customer will issue a sales order to the company. With the support of the Envision X sales management system, the sales staff can keep track of the goods, report the progress of the order to the customer, and respond to the customer's enquiries so as to increase customer trust in the business, and enjoy the benefits of a systematized sales process.

In the traditional sales process management, customers are usually served by a team of salesperson and each of them may hold different versions of the customer data. With the Envision X sales system, the sales staff can upload the customer data to the sales system which will automatically integrate with various data. If the employees want to inquire about the customer information, they can obtain the details as long as they log in to the system such that employees in different positions also get to know the requirements of the customers.

Furthermore, every time the order is completed, the sales system will also generate bills and invoices automatically and send the invoices for records at the same time in order to protect the rights and interests of both parties.

Analyze reports and explore the development direction of the enterprise

The sales system enables everyone to have an in-depth understanding of the customers, formulate various sales plans and also help companies identify their own shortcomings. Enterprises may lose some customers due to problems in a certain stage of a sales cycle, such as poor service, loopholes in orders, etc. Sales staff can write down the reasons for the customer loss in the sales system, so as to facilitate self-examination and self-reflection of the company and make improvements for the deficiencies in the future operation process.

The Envison X sales process management system not only supports customers for the enterprises, but also provides functions specially designed for enterprise development, such as sales forecast, delivery report, gross profit analysis, etc. With the help of the systematization of the sales process, the management can identify the current deficiencies of the enterprise and make improvements to ensure the maximum benefit for the future development of the enterprise.

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