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Property management can also be transformed into digital solutions. Cloud-based property management information systems brings advantages

Property management services have gained more and more attention in recent years. This traditional industry, which is complementary to the real estate industry, will also usher in digital transformation with the development of information technology. How can property management utilize the latest cloud technology and information software systems? Let us introduce the features and benefits of the cloud-based property management information system solution.

Conditions for quality property management services

The responsibility of the property management company is to maintain the normal operation of the property and solve various problems of its related matters for the occupiers. Property management provides various services, including security, cleaning services, maintenance of residents' clubhouses, as well as the upkeep and the related maintenance records of the facilities such as electricity, air-conditioning, elevators, water supply and drainage and security systems, etc. In view of the above items, the property management staff will be responsible for allocating human resources, so that the occupiers can enjoy a safe and tidy working and living space.

Property management is an essential service for residential properties. For older buildings, the exterior walls, infrastruction of water and electricity, the internal public spaces and various units may experience problem of disrepair. Seeing that the density of the residential properties in Hong Kong is relatively high, if the above situation occurs, it will not only reduce the quality of life of the households, but it may also cause conflict between them which will affect the harmony of the neighbourhood. At this time, property management personnel are required to investigate the incident, identify responsibilities, and reconcile the dispute, and finally solve the problem.

Features of ReportNOW's property management solutions

Property managers can carry mobile phones or tablets installed with the Reportnow property management system with them to record events in real time at any location. The system supports file formats such as GPS positioning (supporting Google Maps), photos, voices, and videos. Property management personnel can use the corresponding file formats for recording according to the on-site needs, and store them in their devices such as mobile phones and tablets as well as the cloud.

In addition, when the property management personnel inspect the building's ceiling, basement, garbage room, engine room and other spaces, the location may have poor Wi-Fi and 4G/5G signal reception, or even no reception at all. The ReportNOW system allows users to operate and record the event-related data while the device is offline. When the workers and devices re-enter the network-connected environment, the data can be uploaded to the cloud-based property management information system.

Filing and handling of occupants' complaints has become easy

Property management personnel often have to deal with complaints from the occupants, such as water dripping of air-conditioners in residential buildings, water seepage from the upper bathroom floor to the lower bathroom ceiling and household noise nuisance, etc. As long as you use the ReportNOW property management system, you can record the occurrence of events and on-site conditions with photos, audios, videos and text. You can then archive them on the cloud in one go, instead of taking photos and writing down the record separately followed by putting everything into a single case file afterwards. This will greatly save the time and effort of the property management personnel.

Seamless cooperation and communication between management and staff

The ReportNOW cloud-based property management information system makes collaboration between employees of property management companies more efficient. The files on the cloud are synchronized on all employees' devices, so all employees can keep abreast of the latest status of the cases to be handled. When the case is progressed and updated, the property management system will electronically notify the relevant staff to follow up via SMS, email, WhatsApp or other mobile applications, so as to ensure that the responsible property management staff will not miss the update.

For the management of the property management company, the property management information system enables the manager to grasp the latest status of the property, provide information on the relevant staff dealing with the issue, and monitor the most updated status of the unfinished work, so that the management can determine the priority of the cases to be dealt with and mobilize the staff accordingly.

The key to digital transformation of property management

If your property management company still uses traditional paper or old electronic software as tools, and is interested in exploring the possibility of digital transformation to improve the work efficiency of your staff and optimize the service level of the company, the ReportNOW cloud property management information system solution can meet your company's requirements. Please contact us for more information.

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