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How to handle the order management process efficiently? Recommend order management system for companies

From selecting the products, entering personal information, payment methods, and finally delivering the products properly to the destination, each step may seem trivial. However, the order management process behind each step must be accurate and there is no room for mistake. To achieve this, enterprises need the help of the order management system to handle things properly and minimize the error, so as to guarantee the smoothness of work and achieve efficiency in processing the orders. That's why we recommend using the order system to help enterprises to ensure the smooth operations and outstanding performance.

Order management process: from receiving orders, placing orders, manufacturing to shipping

The order management process operates like a computer program. When the company receives the input command, it will respond and then take action accordingly. Once the sales have increased tremendously, so does the number of orders received by the enterprise, which will undoubtedly cause a great burden on the work of the sales department and the purchasing department. In order to relieve the massive workload of various departments and systematize the order process, it is necessary to use the order management system to integrate the orders, and properly handle the orders one by one, so as to obtain the maximum benefits for the enterprise.

Automatically filter and dispatch orders while manually change order information

The order management system is like the vein of the enterprise when handling the order and logistics system. In the traditional order management process, after receiving the order notification, the sales department will distinguish the unpaid and paid orders, and then the staff will assign and arrange the delivery route according to the delivery address. If the above procedures are handled manually, it will definitely bring a considerable workload to the employees. Human errors will occur from time to time, and the overall work efficiency will be reduced.

However, the order system will simultaneously perform the screening operation when receiving the order, which can process more than 10,000 orders for the employees easily. The employees can also check the detailed information of the order at will. During the review process, if there is any issue with the order information, such as incorrect delivery address or requests from customers to change or add multiple delivery address, the staff can also modify it in real time through the system. Unlike the traditional operations, it is not necessary to visit individual departments to extract orders, and to re-approve documents for each department. To eliminate the complicated procedures, the order system has become one of the software recommended for enterprises.

Linked up to suppliers products lists to reduce human errors in purchasing

The product items of the order management system are closely related to the suppliers products list. The purchasing staff can specifically purchase in bulk for various manufacturing raw materials, which improves the delivery efficiency. In addition, another reason to recommend the order system is because it supports multi-currency conversion, taxation and discounts and other calculation functions. Purchasing personnel do not need to handle various complex exchange rate by themselves, which greatly reduces the risk of human error in calculation.

In addition to the comprehensive purchasing functions, the order system can even assist in inspection. Before shipment, the staff must inspect the goods to prevent defective items from being delivered to customers. Once the products are found to be defective during the inspection process, the staff can also quickly recover the goods through the system, and request suppliers to submit a new batch of goods that meet the quality standards.

Product tracking brings customers a distinguished experience

Another reason why businesses are recommended to use an order system is its ability to track the movement of goods. In the past, after receiving the customer's order, the company sent the goods immediately. Yet, the company was unable to tell the customers the actual movement of goods, which was also a deficiency of the lack of order management process.

If the enterprise uses the order management system, each piece of goods will get an exclusive serial number and barcode. Whenever the goods pass through the inspection point and complete the scanning registration, the latest movement of goods will be updated to the system in real time. For instance, during the process of ordering, inspection, warehouse storage and delivery, etc., the customer service staff can clearly explain the delivery progress of the goods to the customer. The system can not only track the movement of the goods, but also bring the best customer service experience to the customer.

The e-M-POWER enterprise resource management platform of ISL Software integrates the functions of sales, procurement and warehouse management, which can formulate the best order management process for enterprises in an all-round way, meet the requirements of manufacturers and wholesalers, reduce costs and improve service quality, and further improve the company's profitability. That's why it is the recommended order system for Hong Kong enterprises.

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