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How to start an online store if you want to set up one? Introduce the online store operation, promotion and advertising skills

Online shopping has grown in popularity, thus prompting more people to open online stores. All business can be carried out online with only a mobile phone or computer. In addition, the threshold and cost of opening an online store are much lower than those of setting up a physical store. At the same time, it is not restricted by location, which is also an advantage of opening an online store. However, in the process of setting up an online store, what are the details we should not ignore? The following will introduce in detail how to start an online store, the basics and precautions for setting up an online store as well as the purchase, online store promotion and advertising methods, in order to help you start an online store from scratch.

Preparatory work before setting up an online store

First of all, the first step to start an online store is to do a good job on market research and in-depth analysis to understand your target market, your competitors' marketing strategies, your own brand's target customer groups, product selling points and advantages, etc., so that you can stand out from the crowd of merchants and remain competitive in the market. The second is to think of a good name for the brand and establish a brand concept. This step is extremely important, because a good name is not only the first step in establishing a brand concept, but also the key to distinguishing it from competitors, showing the uniqueness of the brand, and leaving an impression on customers.

The specific process of setting up an online store

Many people who intend to start a business may not know that operating an online store also requires a business registration certificate. In fact, according to the guidelines set by the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department, as long as you are "engaging in any form of business, commerce, craftsmanship, profession, occupation or other activities for profit", you need to apply to the Inland Revenue Department for the bussiness registraiton certificate within one month after opening. Offenders may be fined HK$5,000 and imprisoned for 1 year.

After registering your business, you need to choose a channel that suits you to operate your online store, such as social platforms Facebook and Instagram, which are easier to operate and are used by many people. While easy to set up and easy to use, these social platforms have never been purpose-built for profit, and thus don't provide enough features and tools to benefit your business in the long run. Therefore, novice merchants can also consider using the services of third-party e-commerce platforms. After all, these platforms already have complete sales and management systems. You don’t need to spend time and money installing plug-ins to help you quickly open a store and get started. The second is to upload product information, set up multiple and secure payment methods, and make delivery arrangements and other follow-up services. By achieving the above, your online store will be ready!

Promotion and publicity after the establishment of the online store

After various complicated steps, your online store will finally be established. In fact, operating an online store is also a big learning. In order to generate more business, you need to carry out marketing work to promote your online store in different ways. An effective marketing strategy is also the key to success. The first thing to do is to create a brand's social platform such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. to accumulate the number of fans and build a customer base and then use Social Media Marketing to publish relevant interactive articles to build relationships with potential customers. This will help you to understand the preferences of consumers and conduct market research more effectively.

Furthermore, by adopting retargeting, you can show the advertisement to the customers who have already visited your website again, and display the products that they did not buy before. This model can be carried out from Facebook advertising and Search Engine Marketing. There are also channels such as Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, and Direct Email Marketing that can increase the desire and probability of potential customers to buy your products.

Apart from this, analyzing online store data is also very important for online store operations. You need to install different analysis tools such as Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics, so as to help record and understand the operating conditions of the online store, and some important data such as how long customers stay on the store page on average, customer sources, etc. By analyzing the data obtained after placing advertisements, merchants can understand the effectiveness of advertisements so that they can use the correct and effective marketing strategies to attract customers and achieve the best results for advertisements.

ISL helps you build a fully automated, professional online store

The e-M-POWER warehouse management system under ISL has all the functions that can be freely customized to meet the needs and specifications of different types and sizes of online stores. With the help of the inventory management system, enterprises can formulate detailed and efficient plans to ensure that the company's warehouse management process is smooth. At the same time, the ReportNOW combines the concept of office automation to easily integrate various digital systems for you, such as the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system or logistics system for e-commerce. Enterprises only need to add the functional components according to their own needs, and then they can design the automation software suitable for the company's business and development. With the ReportNOW system, users don’t need to have programming knowledge, and can quickly build a system that fits the business process and generate various reports with one click, making your business more agile and efficient.

To sum up, it is not easy to run an online store. If you want to open an online store, you will need to have a clear direction of starting a business and how to use the power of the Internet to bring more business opportunities to your e-commerce platform. Hopefully by reading this, everyone will have a clearer blueprint for starting an online store, and understand how to operate it, as well as learning about the promotion and advertising skills, in order to successfully start an online store.

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