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What are the benefits of the No-Code platform? Advantages of No-code compared to Low-code platform

Still worried about not knowing how to do coding? Chris Wanstrat, the former CEO of the code hosting platform GitHub, once said, "The future of coding is no coding at all". This prediction is being realized step by step. The development of the No-Code platform is hot, and the Low-Code platform is emerging. What are the advantages of the Low-Code and No-Code platform and how should enterprises choose? Let us analyze it for you in detail below.

The era of Low-Code / No-Code platform is coming. Even novice programmers can easily build ideal systems

With the trend of digital transformation for enterprises, more and more organizations need to build their own systems or applications for their operations, and yet they may not be able to find a ready-made platform that fully meets the needs of the enterprise business processes. If a system is to be built from scratch, it requires relatively high programming skills with a much longer time for development. Therefore, many companies are discouraged to undergo such transformation.

Nowadays, there are many ways to build an application, which includes building from the No-Code / Low-Code platform. Without much knowledge about writing code, these Low/No-Code platform tools allow businesses to create custom applications, which is a great option for startups or traditional businesses that don't have a lot of money to hire full-time developers or programmers and this will bring a big advantage to them.

With the emergence of the code-free platforms, enterprises can easily build their own programs according to their own business needs, without being constrained by the coding. Most of the code-free development software generates code through visual operations. Developers do not need to know programming languages such as Java or Python, and can also develop their own software and websites with simple clicking, scrolling and drag-and-drop. It is more efficient than using traditional coding while development time is greatly shortened.

What is the difference between No-Code and Low-Code platforms? Which is more suitable for digital transformation of enterprises?

As the name "Low-Code" implies, users need to have a preliminary understanding of coding which is primarily for program developers. The purpose is to provide the tools for them to develop the program more quickly. Enterprises that need to create complex applications are more suitable for using this platform.

The "No-Code" platform does not require technical experience and it mainly serves the business users by helping them to create simple applications on their own. Developing applications with the No-Code platform is as simple as dragging and dropping the required functions into the interface, which means faster development and saves the cost of hiring developers. Businesses can easily adjust the interface on the No-Code platform, making the design process easier.

Comparing the two, the Low-Code platform is designed for enterprises to develop applications with greater practicality while the No-Code platform is simpler and easier to use such that enterprises can still build applciations by themselves without having any programming knowledge. This is suitable for enterprises hoping to achieve a fast digital transformation. At present, more people are using the No-Code web page building platforms such as Webflow, Wix, Weebly, etc., which are convenient for enterprises to build basic web pages or online stores.

Office Automation Software with No-Code Platform - ReportNOW

Although there are many options for the office management software on the market, not all of them can fully meet the complex business needs of the enterprises. Because of this, many companies may need to use multiple office softwares at the same time. For company trying to integrate various business processes on the same platform, apart from hiring technical personnel to create a tailor-made application, ReportNOW, a code-free office automation software development platform, is also a good choice to them.

The ReportNOW application combines the concept of office automation that easily integrates various digital systems, and is suitable for various Hong Kong enterprises. Enterprises only have to add the appropriate functional components according to their own needs, and then they can design an automation software suitable for the company's business and development. With ReportNOW's system, users do not need to have the programming knowledge, but can quickly build a system that fits the business processes, generate various reports with one click, and make your business more agile and efficient.

During the epidemic, the trend of Low-Code and No-Code development platforms has been accelerated. It is expected that the upsurge of the No-Code platforms will continue, allowing more enterprises to transform and gain a firm foothold in the era of automated operation.

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