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What are the modules of an ERP system?Recommended cloud ERP system for Hong Kong enterprises

For enterprises of a certain scale, the organisation and management within the company will involve complex procedures, requiring various personnel from different departments to handle the operations. However, under the current trend of digital transformation, through technologies such as computers, mobile phones and cloud networks, we can take advantage of the software tools to deal with various affairs. The ERP systems are the comprehensive systems suitable for such business operations. Which cloud ERP system can be recommended to the Hong Kong enterprises?

What are the modules of an ERP system?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning which is originated from the US with a history of over 100 years in business organization and management skills. Thanks to the mature development in IT nowadays, the ERP system has been able to evolve from paper-based operations to fully electronic, and has become a system that intergrates various procedures that serve the needs of different business and industries.

What are the ERP modules? A competent ERP system should take into account all aspects of business operations, including sales module, purchasing module, warehouse module, manufacturing module (including product engineering, production/material control, workshop management module), mold management module, financial module and quality management module. The ERP system particularly emphasizes the integration between modules. Since each module comes from the same ERP system and shares the same cloud database, the front-line and back-office personnel can instantly grasp the most updated information, such as the latest inventory status of the warehouse module which is important to the manufacturing, sales and purchasing department and has to be kept up-to-date at all time.

Reasons for recommending Hong Kong companies to use ERP systems

Why recommend enterprises to use ERP system? How can ERP system enhance the competitiveness of Hong Kong enterprises?

From an overall perspective, the ERP system can enhance productivity and optimize service quality. As it provides a common system for use by all departments of the same enterprise, it effectively saves time and labour costs for updating data as well as inter-departmental communication. It also reduces the chance of human errors in individual departments, and reduces the overall enterprise management cost. Therefore, the ERP system can also strengthen the synergy between various departments within the enterprise, so that the enterprise, which is a huge machine, can become a more complete organism and can operate more efficiently.

When it comes to the detailed operations, with the assistance of the ERP system, the production department can shorten the production cycle. The logistics and sales departments can accurately grasp the delivery time of the goods; all departments can fully grasp the existing inventory figures, and can make more timely changes. With an agile response, enterprises can reduce the inventory and ultimately reduce the cost of storage space.

Hong Kong cloud ERP system recommendation

Enterprises can choose a suitable Hong Kong ERP system according to their own industry and business needs. ISL provides you with two versions of the ERP system, namely e-M-POWER and the cloud running version called e-M-POWER on Demand. e-M-POWER provides all the above functions and modules, and can provide one-stop enterprise resource planning solutions for Hong Kong enterprises in various industries.

The e-M-POWER on Demand, a cloud-based ERP system, uses Microsoft Windows® Azure™ Platform, allowing the entire system to run in the cloud and to be connected to the devices of the customer and their employees for operation. The relationship between Microsoft and ISL is a technical strategic alliance, which is a top cloud computing service provider in the field, ensuring that the customers of e-M-POWER on Demand can enjoy a high-speed and stable system with peace of mind.

No matter what you need or whether you have any inquiries about the Hong Kong cloud ERP system, please feel free to consult with ISL. Our professional team will recommend the most suitable solution according to your business and scale.

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