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E-procurement process management has many benefits. How can the procurement management system be applied in Hong Kong?

Whether a company's operation is efficient and smooth depends on the cooperation of different departments. Take the procurement management department as an example. If your company is involved in the procurement process, you will probably understand the complicated approval process, which is required for decision in every step. Waiting for replies, approvals, and so on takes a lot of time. At this time, if your company chooses to adopt the electronic procurement process management, it can simplify the procurement process and greatly improve the efficiency.

The procurement process is complicated. The procurement management system helps to speed up the approval

You may have experienced the following situation. When making purchases, you need to liaise with different departments and wait for their reply. You then have to wait for the approval of the supervisor in your department and get back and forth with the other departments which is so time consuming. This kind of headache can actually be avoided through the electronic procurement management process. By using an application that helps companies structure the procurement process, the problem of slow approval progress can be avoided and the approval efficiency can be improved.

Whether it is a large enterprise or an SME, the approval process often involves many departments. In this case, if one of the members of the approval chain does not return to the office due to an emergency, or if the supervisor in charge of approval is on leave, the approval process will be delayed and the procurement process will be obstructed. The procurement process management system allows users to approve the procurement process anytime, anywhere. Through the system integration of procurement planning, department review, and budget statistics, the staff responsible for approval only needs a computer or a mobile phone to access the application, which can be used anytime and anywhere. Even when you are out of the office, you can monitor the status of the purchase requisition through the application which can speed up the approval process.

View expenditure and budget at a glance. Easy to grasp purchase details

When selecting suppliers, companies are most concerned about whether the price is in line with the budget, and consider whether the company's expenditure is in line with the budget when approving. Purchasing management systems in Hong Kong currently have many options. Some applications provide budget management and real-time viewing of expenditure functions, so that employees can understand the impact of the funds on the budget before approval, so that employees can make macro-level decisions to ensure the balance of income and expenditure.

Through the procurement management application, enterprises can integrate all procurement details, and the system can immediately integrate data into reports, reducing the workload of employees in making reports for different items. In the cost control of enterprises, the most important thing is to monitor the procurement process of the supply chain. Seeing that the procurement work is closely linked from supply planning, expenditure calculation to quality control, good process management is the most effective way to control risks.

One-stop collection of orders keeps order management hassle free

Due to the large variety of businesses in many traditional enterprises or institutions, different departments or even the same department use multiple applications to handle various processes. Employees sometimes need to work with different forms or systems. When files are being exchanged back and forth, it is easy to make mistakes and it also increases the workload of employees. If enterprises can choose a management software that meets their business needs, they can integrate multiple business processes which will make operations much smoother and more efficient.

Purchasing management system allows enterprises to track and manage purchase orders in the system in real time. Business information such as suppliers and product prices are clear at a glance. You can also browse the supplier's invoice details and product information on the system without having to confirm via email one by one which saves a lot of time.

ReportNOW Purchasing management module makes the approval process more transparent

ReportNOW, a cloud procurement management system, makes the procurement approval process transparent. The latest approval progress can be checked on the app at any time. As long as you have a mobile device, you can easily handle the procurement approval process through the app. The system can also automatically send out emails at regular intervals to remind employees of the latest status of the purchase orders. The unpaid purchase orders will also be listed together with automatic reminders. The cloud procurement system can facilitate enterprises to manage and store all procurement information such as purchase orders. In order to meet the needs of the procurement approval management process of different client organizations, users can develop their own personalized procurement management modules to save time and manpower. ReportNOW Purchasing Management System is your best partner for purchasing management.

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