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What are the benefits of an electronic membership management system? How to make an Electronic Membership Card

Merchants implement a membership system in order to retain more returning customers. However, a successful membership system usually requires a well-established membership management system to remember the preferences of frequent customers, frequency of visits and consumption items. In recent years, a new breakthrough has been made in the membership management system, by switching to the digital membership card and setting up an electronic membership card management system. Many merchants have begun to produce electronic membership cards through various channels, and even obtain relevant data to analyze the consumer profiles, so as to more accurately grasp customer needs and provide more thougthful consumption options and preferential plans, which can stimulate members' consumption desire.

The physical membership card is out of date, and the electronic membership card system is the rule of winning

The application of digital technology is becoming more and more extensive, and now even membership cards are beginning to be digitized. Both in terms of consumer experience and marketing strategy, electronic membership cards are more favourable to physical membership cards.

Benefits of an electronic membership card system (1):Prevent data loss

Most customers forget to bring their membership cards with each purchase, and it is also easy for them to misplace the membership cards. In the past, if customers wanted to enjoy membership benefits when shopping in a physical store, they usually had to show their membership card at checkout or tell the front desk their card number, otherwise they would not be able to get points and membership benefits. If a customer loses their membership card, they will have to apply for a replacement, but the previously accumulated points and benefits may disappear overnight, which will actually bring a lot of inconvenience to consumers, and will discourage new customers from joining the membership in the long run.

The electronic membership card system is solving this problem. Customers only need to bind the membership card to the mobile device, and they can use the membership benefits anytime, anywhere. The information of the membership card is all stored in the online cloud management system. Even if the customer changes mobile devices, the points records will not be lost, and the membership information can be quickly transferred to another mobile device through the electronic membership card system.

Benefits of an electronic membership card system (2): Bringing customers and businesses closer

In the era of physical membership cards, stores have to regularly send e-newsletters EDM, text messages, and make phone calls to notify members of the latest discounts, but this communication mode is more one-way. Even if members have any questions, they can only call the customer service hotline or send an email to the merchant's mailbox. After the enterprise adopts the electronic membership card system, it can use the push notification function to remind customers to pay attention to the latest discounts of the store, or use the message transmission function of the social platform or the customer service communication function in the APP to answer the members' questions anytime and anywhere, which can better attend to the customers' requests and help to plan for future marketing programs. On the other hand, some electronic membership management systems can track consumers’ online activities, allowing merchants to target consumers’ preferences more accurately and implement personalized marketing strategies for each member’s needs.

How to make an electronic membership card

How SMEs make electronic membership cards

Generally speaking, small and medium-sized enterprises lack the manpower to set up their own membership management system, and may not have enough funds to develop an APP for the electronic membership card. Even if those SMEs invest resources in this area, sinice the scale of the enterprise is not very large at this stage, the download volume of the electronic membership APP may not be very high. The cost of investment and the return are, therefore, difficult to be proportional. In the case of limited funds, SMEs can use other methods to make electronic membership cards. One way is to use a third-party electronic membership system, which can not only enjoy the functional modules of the membership management, but can also greatly reduce the cost for managing the members. Additional features can also be purchased as required.

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