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Perfect customer service is more than just a call center! List of various customer service process management systems

Still stuck in the era of telephone customer service system only? Such a customer service system is no longer enough to cope with the OMO (Online Merge Offline) all-channel era where convenience comes first. When employees are overwhelmed with handling warehousing and tracking orders, it will definitely help you if there is a customer service process management system for diversion and real-time processing of various types of customer services. What types of customer service systems are there? What customer service system tools are there that can share the pressure of handling customer service matters for enterprise employees? Let's find out now!

What is a customer service process management system? Customer service system to share the pressure of employees

Customer Relationship Management is a software system that can assist enterprises in customer service process management. From importing customer information to tracking management, centralized management can be carried out through this system.

Many small and medium-sized enterprises are small in scale when they are first established, and employees often have to take on multiple roles at the same time, taking care of cumbersome affairs such as warehouse management, order processing, and even customer service. As the product or service continues to grow, different customer service issues begin to pour in from different channels like snowflakes. In addition to processing a large number of orders, employees also need to respond to emails from customers, and deal with various issues that users inquire through private messages on the webpage, such as inquiries about membership or order returns. Not only do employees have to spend time answering one by one, but they also have to answer multiple similar questions repeatedly. As they are unable to integrate various customer inquiries, it wil be difficult to maintain the quality and consistency of the replies which may further cause backlog of problems or complaints.

What are the customer service process management systems? List of various customer service systems

If you want to free up manpower to focus on business development, you should no longer let employees play multiple roles as customer service personnel or editor of the website or social media, and help employees to respond systematically and answer inquiries more efficiently. The customer service process management system will help enterprises fulfill efficient customer service solutions.

At present, the customer service channels commonly used by enterprises have become more diverse than before, from mainly telephone calls, to emails, instant chats on communication software, and chatbots, which are very popular in recent years. This is also referred to as the full channel (Omni Channel).

The customer service systems required by different companies have different requirements. The current customer service systems on the market basically include telephone customer service systems, omni-channel customer service systems, chat robot customer service systems, and so on. Enterprises can consider whether they need functions other than basic communication, recording and management according to their business needs.

Telephone customer service system

The current telephone customer service system is generally equipped with automatic call distribution (ACD), automatic voice response (IVR) for call distribution and automatic queuing to ensure the minimum waiting time for customers and improve work efficiency and real-time recording function. The automatic voice response function guides customers to choose their own language, questions and services to be consulted through pre-recorded voice messages in real time. The recording system can facilitate enterprises to record the dialogue between customers and customer service at the same time, so as to manage and check the service in the future.

All-channel customer service system

Omni-channel customer service is a multi-function system including knowledge base, work form and chatbot, etc. This type of system can unify and integrate multiple tasks that customer service personnel need to handle, making the process of tracking, prioritizing and responding to customer inquiries easier. The system can store and organize complete customer information, helping customer service personnel provide more comprehensive and personalized support services.

Chat robot customer service system

For some small-scale enterprises, it may not be necessary to use an all-channel system with background management functions, and yet they hope to have a robot customer service to help handle customer inquiries. Enterprises can consider choosing a system at a more affordable price with more concentrated functions like the chat robot customer service system. In addition to integrating responses to customers through AI, such systems can also improve predictive interactions through machine learning so as to enhance customer experience.

ReportNOW CRM Module

ReportNOW, the no-code enterprise application platform, provides a variety of components to allow you to create business-relevant forms and reports. We preset a series of different application modules for you, including customer relationship management system, allowing you to easily manage multiple business processes and facilitate managers to track performance on multiple devices simultaneously. System functions include managing customer relationships, designing personalized interfaces of the CRM system and handling multiple business processes through ReportNOW's CRM system to facilitate office automation. This system can assist the telephone customer service system, help enterprises manage the customer service process more efficiently, and carry out follow-up. It is also more economical than a complete replacement of the existing customer service system while laying a solid foundation in the comprehensive digitalization of enterprises.

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