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Enterprise claims management system, a one-stop integration to simplify the employee claims process

The reimbursement process has always been complicated, and companies often have to spend a lot of time and human resources to process a large number of documents. If there is an electronic claims management system that can accurately classify, control and verify invoices, it can improve the efficiency of the claims management.

Why businesses need to use a claims management system?

When companies process reimbursement invoices, they often have to go through a lengthy process, not only to check whether the claims has been applied for in advance, but also to check whether the invoice is compliant, and more importantly, to check whether the reimbursement expenses meet the budget. To shorten the claims process, companies need a fully automated and intelligent claims system to handle the overwhelming bills.

Why do employees need to use a claims management system?

For employees, on the other hand, the reimbursement process is at best simple and quick. The claims management system basically simplifies all reimbursement steps. Employees only need to upload the invoice records to the system with one click, and subsequent steps are no longer required. There is no need to submit the hard copy of the invoices.

Benefits of the claims management system

Customize the approval process

The claims process of various enterprises is different. Now most of the claims management systems can define their own claims and approval processes, allowing enterprises to easily build expense claims processes and improve approval efficiency.

Reminder function helps you control your spending more effectively

In addition, the claims system has a reminder function. Once the reimbursement expenses exceed the budget, a notification will be sent immediately, allowing enterprises to manage expenses more accurately and work out the future budget plans accordingly.

No time limit for the approval process

The approval process is carried out online. Employees only need to submit the application online, and the approver will be notified immediately. No matter whether the approvers are outside or in the office, they can process the approval application anytime, anywhere, which not only speeds up the approval process, but also avoids delays in important approval items.

System update in real time

In the past, reimbursement methods were not transparent enough, and employees were often unaware of the approval progress, so they could only wait patiently for the approver's reply. If a business uses an electronic claims management system, employees won't face this problem. The system has a real-time update function, so that employees and approvers can instantly know the approval progress. Employees can check the approval progress in the system, and the approval progress of each claims record is clear at a glance. In this way, employees no longer have to constantly check on the reimbursement progress, which can save a lot of time and allow employees to focus on their core business.

Data records are traceable

Previously, companies used paper documents to keep reimbursement records, which took up a lot of office space. To go through a claims record, employees have to search through a big pile of documents, which is time-consuming and cumbersome. In the event of a lost document, the entire claims record cannot be traced back. In contrast to the electronic claim management system, all data records can be stored in computer storage devices or cloud systems, making it easier for employees to find claims records and greatly reducing the risk of missing records. As long as the company stores all the claims items in the system, it is convenient for employees to check the information later. Even if there is a problem with the claims record, employees can check the historical records in the system.

Calculation becomes more accurate

Compared with the claims management system, manual accounting is less efficient in data processing and has a higher chance of making mistakes. Since the built-in calculation software of the claims management system can calculate the data faster and more accurately, the efficiency and quality of the calculation can be improved. At present, many enterprises combine manual and computer systems to handle the accounting work for assisting the manual calculation of complex data, so as to make the accounting work more in-depth and meticulous.

How the claims management system achieve a higer level?

However, the claims management system may not be perfect. In order to meet the needs of the management, some systems will add many control points, making user operations very complicated. On the contrary, in order to fulfill the requirements of the employees, it will be hard for some management solutions to be implemented. Therefore, in order to meet the requirements of both parties, it is necessary to strike a balance between the two ends when building a system. The system should be automated and intelligent, and it should also perform the management work at the same time.

ReportNOW's expense reporting features made simple

The ReportNOW solution developed by Integrated Solutions shortens the claims process for enterprises. The expense reporting function in the app allows you to easily apply for and approve expense reimbursement, and also allows you and your employees to check the status and records of the expense claims on the mobile devices. In addition, ReportNOW can quickly capture the data on the expenses receipt, ensuring that users submit the expense request on time. If your business is in need of a complete claims management system, it's time to start using ReportNow today.

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