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Approval process management made easy! The help of electronic approval process system for enterprise operation

Digital transformation is a major trend for enterprises in the future. Through the enterprise application platform, it is possible to simplify and centralize the operations of various operation processes of the enterprise. The following will focus on the electronic management system of the approval process, which will bring benefits to enterprises and employees.

The need for approval process management

When an enterprise reaches a certain organizational scale, it is necessary to have a strict division of labour. For example, every large enterprise has an accounting department and a human resources department. The former handles the calculation of income and expenditure accounts, tax returns, etc., while the latter is responsible for recruiting talents and interviewing applicant as well as the calculation of salary and benefits. For a successful enterprise, a clear organizational structure is very important. There are various positions within a department, and each department of the company also performs its own duties. One of the keys to the success of the company's business is to maintain close contact between various positions and departments, so that every task can be executed smoothly while the company's work efficiency can be maximized.

One of the important tasks of the company's management is to receive various applications submitted by subordinates, and to judge the validity of each application for approval. The response time of the application approval directly affects the efficiency and smoothness of the company's operations. If certain parts of the procudures are delayed, it will affect the schedule of the plan, the project, and even the operation of the entire company. Therefore, enterprises should have a convenient, efficient and comprehensive approval process management system.

Traditional paper approval process management

The traditional application and approval process uses paper documents as the medium, and the most obvious disadvantage is that the steps are complicated and time-consuming. The applicants need to first print the application form (or obtain it from the relevant department) and fill in their own information (including name, department, position, employee number) in handwritten form, as well as the relevant information for the application. Tools such as folders, staplers or paper clips are attached to the application form with the relevant documents.

Then the applicants have to submit the application documents to their boss. If the boss is not around, it can only be left on the desk (or with a notice sticker). If the application needs approval from multiple supervisors or colleagues in more than one department, it must be signed and forwarded from one person to another. After all the approval proceduress are completed, the applicant has to collect the documents and send them to the relevant department for final inspection and implementation. The process to pass around the documents between colleagues and departments is time-consuming with risk of damage or loss of documents during the process.

Another disadvantage of paper documents is the difficulty of storing and searching the documents. With the day-to-day operation of the enterprise, a large amount of paper documents will be accumulated to be processed over time. Altough companies can choose to dispose of the documents directly, most companies keep the documents for future use (eg accounting, tax filing). However, if you want to archive files one by one, it requires a lot of storage space wit special filing cabinets and folders. Once you want to look up a particular old file, it will also take manpower and time to search, hence, increasing human resource costs to the enterprise.

Advantages of electronic approval process management system

After the approval process has become electronic, the entire approval process is automatically carried out by the system without any manual process which saves a lot of time. Since the system has the information of each employee and can automatically fill in the information, the process of creating an application is faster and more convenient. After the application is submitted, the approval system will automatically execute the approval process. First, the relevant department supervisor will be notified. After an approval is made by the supervisor, the system will notify the senior personnel in another department, such as colleagues in the accounting department and the general manager, for further approval. Users can set reminders in the approval process system which will send a message to remind the superiors of any outstanding applications. For applications with estimated expenditure involving a relatively large amount, the system also allows users to preset more than one supervisor to sign for approval.

With the electronic approval process management system, all applications submitted by the employees become clear at a glance. The application-related documents can also be attached easily, including expense reimbursement documents, project proposal plans, resumes of job applicants, etc., which simplifies the process of the applications and saves time and space for storing files, making it easier for searching later.

ReportNOW personalized approval process management system

The enterprise application platform ReportNOW has a built-in personalized approval process module. Users do not need coding knowledge to establish an electronic approval process management system that meets the needs of the enterprise, which is suitable for approval of projects, requisitions and purchases, duty leave applications, and reimbursement. The system especially provides multi-user, multi-department and multi-level approval functions, that can help corporate employees to efficiently handle application and approval procedures, reduce delays and bottlenecks, and maximize corporate operational benefits.

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