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In the new trend of the digital age, cloud accounting software is recommended for SMEs

Under the new trend of the digital age, small and medium sized enterprises face various difficulties and challenges in the development process. In recent years, traditional SME accounting software has been gradually replaced by cloud accounting software. Cloud accounting software has fullf functions with accurate calculation, which saves office workers from tedious procedures and ensures the smooth completion of work. Therefore, cloud accounting software is widely recommended in various industries.

Recommending the cloud accounting software to help enterprises boost productivity

A well-developed corporate policy can ensure smooth internal operations. Better yet, when a company has adopted a state-of-the-art accounting software, the performance will be further enhanced. The data of the traditional accounting software is stored in the computer. If other department needs to retrieve, review, and check the internal data of the enterprise, the relevant department must request for permission in advance. In addition, traditional accounting software cannot freely increase the number of users. Every time a new user is added, the accounting software must be installed on an additional computer before it can be used. The files of the traditional accounting software are usually stored on local computer devices. If the computer fails unfortunately, there is a chance that all company information will be lost.

The EnvisionX accounting software fully utilizes the advantages of the cloud to remove the limitations of space, time and hardware for SMEs. The software stores all data and documents in the cloud system. Even if users are in different places, as long as they hold a smart mobile device with a stable network connection, they can immediately review and query documents, and grasp the latest information within the enterprise without worrying about data loss, which makes cloud accounting software popular in various industries.

Consolidate file data with graphs clearly displayed

Accounting software is the go-to choice for businesses because it automatically consolidates documents and helps employees gain a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of the business. EnvisionX cloud accounting software can record every transaction and account of the SMEs, such as the company's sales records, company inventory, purchases, cash flow and other data, which is convenient for employees to track and query in the future.

The EnvisionX cloud accounting software also has a number of chart templates and supports the chart export function. Employees can easily create various professional and exquisite charts to accurately analyze business performance. In addition, the software also helps employees in explaining the company plans in a much smoother and more organized manner, allowing customers to quickly grasp the key points of the report content. The software also helps employees analyze the company's performance, identify the company's inadaquacy and gain insight based on the reported data, and explore the possibility of the company's future development.

Organize business invoices to make reconciliation easier

SMEs have to deal with countless invoices every month. Without the accounting software, the employees will have to manually check, classify and review each invoice. It is inevitable that human errors may occur and efficiency of the company will be affected. However, with the help of the accounting software, SMEs can clearly record the details of each invoice, such as the paid, the unpaid and the installment bills, etc. EnvisionX cloud accounting software can classify them one by one for the accounting staff to check and follow up in the future and it will also help reduce customers overdue payment.

Customize the operation interface on your own

In view of the different scales of SMEs, the operational needs of finance and accounting are different. Therefore, software with a high degree of flexibility is required to match with the development progress of the enterprise. EnvisionX cloud accounting software takes care of the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. Users can freely design and customize the accounting software interface according to their own needs.

Convert currencies flexibly. View your P&L at a glance

The operation process of SMEs may involve transactions with international companies. In view of the different currency exchange rates in different regions, which are constantly updated every moment, the accounting staff have to obtain the latest exchange rate of the currency and calculate the actual amount of the bill. EnvisionX cloud SME accounting software supports multiple currency conversions, including USD, JPY, EUR, etc., and keeps up with the latest currency exchange rates to ensure that the currency conversion is accurate. It also saves the accounting staff from tedious calculation and reduces unnecessary error. That's why EnvisionX is an accounting software that is widely recommended by businesses in various industries.

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