Digital Transformation Application Platform

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ReportNOW is a Digital Transformation Application Platform that helps any organisation to rapidly and accurately transform its business process digitally. With ReportNOW’s state-of-the-art technology and tons of practical functionalities, users can quickly digitalize the current processes with our simple and user-friendly No-Code platform and quickly improve the mobility of their task force. Hundreds of enterprises have already adopted ReportNOW in their operations and have successfully transcended thousands of existing processes through digital transformation.

Once ReportNOW is up and running, everyone in the organization is able to append new features in order to further refine the business processes as your company grows.

You are given all the components you need to build your forms and reports with simple drag-and-drop. Our platform supports you with the latest technology, including the use of AI, Augmented Reality (AR) and IoT, etc., to help you keep pace with your business needs and the market trend.

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